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You Can Drive?

A few weeks ago I was helping out with my pony club. (It’s like Girls Scouts, but with horses.  And technically it’s coed, but it’s almost always all girls.  I can’t imagine why.)  I was teaching the younger girls how to take apart their bridles and put them back together.  One of them asked me if I could give her a ride the next time, because her house is on my way.  I told her, “Sure, yeah, it’s no problem.”

The girl I was helping with her bridle—this new, very sweet eleven-year-old—looks up at me with wide eyes and awe in her voice: “You can drive?”  She made it sound like the most amazing thing ever.

 I had to stop myself from dying of laughter, because I didn’t want to embarrass her.  “Yes, I can drive.  I’m 25.”

“Oh. Okay then.”  And she went back to cleaning her bridle.  Children say the funniest things.


The Eccentric HA Examiner

I help out with a pony club nearby, and part of the pony club involves ratings.  Basically it’s like exams before you get the next level, just like getting a Gold Award in Girl Scouts or becoming an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.  Our pony club recently hosted an HA rating, and one of the examiners was a little odd.

The HA rating is the highest rating for dismounted stuff, so it is pretty stressful for the pony clubbers.  At the rating I was dubbed the “Official Provider of Moral Support”, which basically meant that I wandered around cheering up the girls (and the one guy) who were doing their rating.  The examiner kept teasing me that I was the court jester and where was my hat and stuff like that.  He was pretty nice about it, but strange.

At the opening, we had to introduce ourselves, and I mentioned that I was working on my PhD in physics.  I have learned that this frequently results in awe and really strange questions about string theory.  And I was not disappointed by this guy.

At one point in time he called me over and asked me what I thought about UFO’s.  I must have looked confused, because he clarified, “I have seen several of them, and I want to know how they travel faster than the speed of light.”  I was thinking, oh goodness, there are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.  First of all, UFO’s are UNIDENTIFIED for a reason.  They are not necessarily alien spacecraft.  And even if they are, how do you know that they travel faster than the speed of light.  I told him that I really didn’t know the answer to that, and he made me promise that I would think about it.  He kept periodically asking me for the rest of the weekend if I had figured out the answer yet.  But I really don’t think it is something that anyone can figure out in a weekend, even if he wasn’t a little crazy.