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Note to self…

Do not set your chocolate bar on the edge of your laptop. It does not end well.

I forget that even though I have one of the aluminum Mac laptops that are really quiet, it doesn’t mean that the computer doesn’t get warm. In fact the aluminum probably conducts the heat very well into the chocolate bar helping it melt more.

Also, I sometimes forget how quiet my laptop is, but I was in the library the other day and this guy’s laptop was buzzing like a swarm of bees. It kind of reminded me of my old cow computer Bessie from when I worked at NIST. I think I worked there in 2006, and this laptop was left over from the 2000 census. It sounded like a cow mooing whenever I tried to do work. So I ended up decorating it like a cow with a cowbell and everything.

Bessie and Kacey

Oh man, this picture brings me back. I had braces and crazy hair and everything.